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7 Ways to Raise a Money-Smart Kid

As frugal parents, naturally, we want our kids to be smart about money too. Here are seven easy ways to raise a money-smart kid! 1. Expose your pre-schooler to cash By showing money to kids, they get a better understanding of what you are trying to teach them. Try playing “bank” or “store” for further understanding in a fun way. 2. Ditch the “replace it” attitude When a toy breaks, have you ever heard your child say, “it’s ok, we […]

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Create a Memory Art Book for 2015

As parents, we tend to want to save just about every piece of artwork our child masterfully creates. But, unfortunately because of the lack of space, we can’t. I recently found an article about how one parent created a Memory Art Book for her child. Every once in a while, when the child is creating a masterpiece, get out a big sketch book (specifically for this purpose) and have the child draw or paint in it. Make sure you date […]

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