United States Presidents Study Kit

This is a great year to teach the presidents! Make it easy by using this United States Presidents Study Kit. Notebooking pages for each president, presidential portraits, and name cards are included for a fun way to teach the presidents! Use this resource for a memory game, flash cards, or for mini-reports. Draw or glue a picture of the president onto the president worksheet. Presidential portraits are included for each president. Create a matching game by printing the presidential portraits […]

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7 Ways to Raise a Money-Smart Kid

As frugal parents, naturally, we want our kids to be smart about money too. Here are seven easy ways to raise a money-smart kid! 1. Expose your pre-schooler to cash By showing money to kids, they get a better understanding of what you are trying to teach them. Try playing “bank” or “store” for further understanding in a fun way. 2. Ditch the “replace it” attitude When a toy breaks, have you ever heard your child say, “it’s ok, we […]

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