Create a Memory Art Book for 2015

As parents, we tend to want to save just about every piece of artwork our child masterfully creates. But, unfortunately because of the lack of space, we can’t. I recently found an article about how one parent created a Memory Art Book for her child.

Every once in a while, when the child is creating a masterpiece, get out a big sketch book (specifically for this purpose) and have the child draw or paint in it. Make sure you date each page, that way you can track the child’s progression in skills.

Try to find a sketchbook with at least 24-36 pages so your child can create at least 2-3 masterpieces per month.

Another option is to scan artwork into your computer and upload the images to a photo website like Shutterfly and make a photo book. If you choose to make a photo book, wait until I post a Shutterfly deal for the best bang for your buck! I often see offers for a free photo book.


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