Walmart 101

Wal-Mart usually already has pretty low prices, so when you combine price matching and coupons on top of that, you can really save money there.


Wal-Mart does not offer store coupons, but they will accept manufacturer coupons on top of price matching. You can find Wal-Mart’s coupon policy HERE.

Price matching can be done at any regular check-out lane. Just be sure to show the cashier the lower-priced ad whenever they are ringing up that particular item. You can find Wal-Mart’s price matching policy HERE.

Here is how I usually do a price matching deal at Wal-Mart: I save the items that need to be price matched until the end. When the cashier picks up an item, I show them the ad; they manually adjust the price. After they are finished with all of the price match offers, I then hand the cashier my coupons one at a time. I do this for two reasons, first, to make sure I bought those items, and two, to make sure coupons don’t stick together so coupons won’t be skipped while scanning them.

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