How to Stack Coupons

Stacking coupons refers to using store coupons and manufacturer’s coupons at the same time. Unless otherwise stated by your store, here is the order I hand over my coupons to save the most money:

First I give the cashier any store coupons I have. These are coupons that can only be used at that specific store, such as the coupons that Walgreens puts out in their monthly booklet.

Then I give the cashier any manufacturer’s coupons that I have. These are coupons that come from the manufacturer of the product you are buying, such as the coupons from the Sunday paper.

The reason I give the cashier store coupons first is because sometimes the manufacturer’s coupon will make the item price dip below the value of the store coupon and the register will not accept the store coupon. If you use store coupons first then the manufacturer’s coupon will still be valid, even if only for the remaining price of the item which may be lower than the coupon value.

Also, if you have a coupon which states save $ off your purchase of $$ or more, then always hand over that coupon first because manufacturer’s coupons may make your total dip below the required $$ purchase price. If you use the $/$$ coupon first then the rest of the coupons should be able to go through without any problems.

If you are shopping at CVS or another store that has an ExtraCare Buck like coupon, then always hand over those last because you may not need to use them all after all of the other coupons have gone through.

So, imagine you are shopping at CVS and you have a save $ off your purchase of $$ or more coupon, store coupons from the red coupon machine, manufacturer’s coupons, and ExtraCare Bucks. Here is the order you would give the cashier your coupons:

  1. Save $ off your purchase of $$ or more
  2. Store coupons
  3. Manufacturer’s coupons
  4. ExtraCare Bucks

You can use the above order for any store, just skip the steps you don’t have coupons for. Happy saving!

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