CVS 101

At CVS, their program is called ExtraCare Bucks. The way this works is that in some cases they will offer you ECB’s for spending a certain amount of money. The ECB’s are printed at the end of your receipt. For example, spend $20 on specific brands of cold medicine, and you can earn $10 in ECB’s. By the way, that $20 that you need to spend is before coupons.


You can still use coupons and previously earned ECB’s on that $20. For example, I recently bought $22 worth of cold medicine, used $4.50 in manufacturer coupons, $3.00 in store coupons, and $14.00 in previously earned ECB’s. I was able to purchase $22 in cold medicine for $0.50 and earn $10 in ECB’s.

Another thing to know about CVS store coupons is that they are stackable, which means you can use one store coupon and one manufacturer coupon on the same item.

The best way to use the ECB program is to roll your ECB’s into another ECB offer. This minimizes your out of pocket expenses. ECB’s are as good as cash at CVS, so protect them as you would cash because if they are lost, they are next to impossible to replace.

Another way to earn ECB’s is to use CVS’s Green Bag Tag program. You purchase a Green Bag Tag for $0.99; a little known secret is that there is a coupon for the tag inside the tag packaging. If you bring in a reusable bag when you shop at CVS, make sure to have your Green Bag Tag scanned as well; limit of one scan per day. You will earn $1.00 ECB’s for every four times your tag is scanned. Free money!

Print the CVS Coupon Policy and keep it in your binder.

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