Grocery Deals for April 4

Money Saving Homeschool Mom's grocery deal of avocados at ALDIs for $0.99.

And the sales continue, for $0.39 cents ALDI avocados anyway. It’s not too late! We plan on swinging by and getting more this week, is especially important seeing how young one has signed up to provide the guacamole for her end of class party. As mentioned in a previous post, whole boneless pork butt roast is $1.49 lb. This has worked well for us as pulled pork, making for great tamales or Barbecue. If you like chicken drumsticks or thighs, and are close to a Sav A Lot, $0.99 cents lb. looks like a pretty good deal, especially if you like pressure canning. However, freezing works well also.

Our first attempt at dry canning dehydrated mushrooms and bell peppers. More is on the way, just need more canning jars. Both are leathery to crisp and tasty as a snack. Still getting the hang of the Foodsaver vacuum. The pineapple and avocados are in the freezer. Will most likely can some of the pineapple but will probably not dehydrate as it’s eaten too fast, like candy.

Dry Can Mushrooms and Peppers
Dry Can Mushrooms and Peppers

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