How to Earn Money From Home

I have put together some of the ways I earn money from home. On the menu bar on the homepage, look to the very right and you will find a tab called “Earn Money.”


I love being able to be a stay at home mom, but there are times when a bit of extra income would come in handy. My number one way I earn from home is by Taking Surveys. I sign up with survey companies and they send me surveys via email.

The surveys vary in value, and you can “cash-out” at different levels with different companies. Some pay by PayPal, while others mail checks.

I also use Cash Back Shopping sites like Ebates and Shop at Home. By going through these sites to get to online retailers, I am able to earn a percentage of my purchase back in cash.

Another way I earn money at home is by using Swagbucks. With Swagbucks, you earn points by finding Swagcodes, taking surveys, and answering daily polls, among other things. When you replace your search engine with Swagbucks, you are also randomly rewarded with points.

The ideas I have listed are by no means exhaustive, just only the ideas that I use. I will also be adding to this by listing more survey companies I use and also explaining a bit about how I earn money by blogging and how you can too!

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